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Education is the ability to meet life's situations.

Training & Education
Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • work in an organization that continuously sought out innovative,
    financially, and socially effective ways of fulfilling the mission?
  • offer learning opportunities to your employees that directly addressed
    your organization's goals and mission while simultaneously supporting
    individual development?
  • have an organization full of employees who had the skills,
    commitment and leadership to make your organization the best
    at what it does?
  • get employees and co-workers to exchange information in a way
    that inspires everyone around them to do their best?
  • have a cadre of internal training experts well versed in adult learning principles?

Training and education are the processes by which participants acquire new skills, knowledge or values as members of a learning community. These processes address one of two challenges: either it teaches participants to do their current job well, like new employee orientations and regulatory trainings, or it prepares learners for new opportunities such as workshops on supervision and language acquisition courses. The difference is in how much foreknowledge is assumed.

With training it is assumed the participant has knowledge in another area and the training is to orient that information, apply those skills, or instill key values in accordance with the organizational environment. With an educational program the assumption is the learner is gaining completely new information, skill set or values with less emphasis on practice or immediate application.

Our clients receive on-site, instructor led classroom training and education programs created to address their mission, organizational goals and values. We focus on program planning, social and communication skills, supervision, and leadership.

Our clients receive a program uniquely designed from start to finish to specifically address their needs. Like a consumer going to a tailor or seamstress, your program will only fit your organization because it is created especially for you.

Program Planning
Education programs occur in a variety of settings. Just as there are many forms of educational programs there are many models for realizing them. Our clients easily navigate the maze of program planning with our help.

Educators, trainers and staff developers turn to us for program design and delivery. Our clients work with experienced professionals to craft educational events to meet the challenge improved outcomes for the organization. We can design and facilitate the entire event or portions as needed. Your needs dictate our mission.

Social and Communication Skills
Proficiency in social and communication skills equals higher productivity for an organization. This proficiency, or interpersonal competence, is the ability to interact well with others in a wide range of situations. The better the individuals are at successfully forging professional relationships, both inside and outside the organization, the greater the success of that organization. Our clients benefit by having people capable of compelling communication and exceptional cooperation.

Our clients gain employees at all levels in the organization, competent in giving and receiving messages in a purposeful, productive manner. Employees are able to build and maintain dynamic, collaborative professional relationships to place their organizations as forerunners in their respective markets.

Supervision and management done well is the intersection of interpersonal competence and leadership. An exceptional supervisor has the vision of a leader, the inspiration and enthusiasm of a coach, and the ability to artfully navigate the political waters of the organizational environment.

While the department performs the actions to achieve established goals, the manager must gather data, plan and make key decisions to ensure those goals are congruent not only with the organization's overall mission, but with the development goals of the individuals within the organization as well.

Participants in our workshops integrate goal setting, feedback, meeting facilitation, conflict management and group dynamics to lead their departments toward exemplary rewards. New supervisors acquire the skills to confidently work with their team to fulfill the organizational mission while simultaneously developing the people they supervise.

Leadership is the ability to balance the needs of the organization, its employees and its customers. Leadership differs from supervision and management in that leadership can be exhibited at all levels within an organization regardless of title or position. Trailblazing organizations have inspirational leaders throughout the organization who encourage the best in others while modeling it themselves.

While the key components to leadership are static, the methods for approaching them are different. Learners in our leadership programs discover and analyze these different orientations. They are then able to integrate the one, or a combination thereof, that will best suit both their individual style and the organizational environment.

Each educational event we take part in is distinctive. For the next steps in your organization's path towards success, contact us today. Check out our resource library for links, information, and tools you can start using today to help you reach your individual and organizational goals tomorrow!

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