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Online Resources / Resources Links
This Resource Links section includes links to message boards, professional
organizations and other online portals of information beneficial to new instructors,
leaders, supervisors, and all non-profit professionals.

Please note that this section contains selected hyperlinks to other internet sites of interest to leaders in the non-profit sector, the training and development industry, and the human resources field. For links to commercial sites, please visit our Resource Showcase, where vendor sites are listed for maximum exposure. Inclusion on these pages does not imply endorsement by Taylor Training & Development.

If you would like to suggest a resource for inclusion in this library, please e-mail us.
We are currently developing a selection criteria and scope policy, but in the meantime
we will respond to your e-mail to let you know if the resource you are recommending is appropriate. Enjoy!

Non-Profit Specific (Nonprofit Charitable Organizations) - Useful and insightful information on almost any subject relevent to nonprofit organizations and charities.

    The Alliance for Nonprofit Governance - Events and resources related to effective governance, including board responsibilities in times of crisis, and myths and realities about good governance. All are only one or two pages in length.

    CharityChannel - An on-line community of voluntary-sector professionals providing information on issues relevant to non-profits, a non-profit career search service, and a multitude of nonprofit books, periodicals and software.

    CharityVillage - A supersite for the nonprofit sector. More than 3,000 pages of news, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer listings, educational opportunities, and much more.

    Giving Answers - Connecting nonprofit organizations to the resources, knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their goals and improve the productivity of their organizations. - An online portal for nonprofit organizations, consultants, job seekers and everyone interested in volunteering. Provides numerous services to the global community (almost all of them for free) in an effort to connect people, resources and nonprofits around the world.

    Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations - A statewide membership organization serving and advancing the charitable nonprofit sector through leadership, advocacy, education and services in order to improve the quality of life in Pennsylvania.

    Social Work Search - A directory devoted to the Social Work profession. It has links to websites of interest to social workers and other helping professionals.

    TechSoup - A free, comprehensive, nonprofit technology resource featuring NPO discounts, articles, and recommendations.

    WebNP - A gateway to the entire world of nonprofit news, assistance and solutions, it is geared toward the millions of small to mid-size nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad. This site is dedicated to offering the nonprofit community a central focal point to get news and information that affects their organizations and to find key resources to further their missions.

Training & Education

Organization Development & Leadership

    3M Meeting Network - A treasure chest of useful information designed
    to make your meetings and presentations more effective and successful. (Organization Development and Change) - Information about
    group facilitation, culture change, consulting, managing change, planned change,
    and leading edge topics such as emotional intelligence and large group processes.

    Allyn Bacon: Small Group Communication - An interactive site designed
    to help you better understand group communication.

    Allyn Bacon: Interpersonal Communication - An interactive site designed
    to help you better understand interpersonal communication.

    Appreciative Inquiry - One of the major topics in the management library
    regarding communications. This topic defines appreciative inquiry and explores
    its practical application as an OD intervention.

    Free Management Library - One of world's largest free, on-line,
    well-organized business libraries for for-profit and nonprofit service providers,
    entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and practitioners.

    Group Dynamics - A collection of resources regarding the basic nature
    of most groups and their typical stages of development.

    Large-Scale Interventions - General resources and related links to
    the many types of organization-wide efforts to increase the effectiveness
    of organizations and the people in those organizations

    Organizational Development Network - A vital learning community that
    develops, supports, and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of
    knowledge in human organization and systems development

    Strategic Planning - An overview of the many perspectives and
    approaches to strategic planning that includes guidelines for the reader
    to carry out planning according to the nature and needs of their organization.

    Systems Thinking - A topic in the management library that explore the
    benefits of systems thinking for leaders and supervisors according to the
    five disciplines presented in Peter Senge's "Fifth Discipline"

    Team Building - A library of resources and information regarding effective
    teams and how to “build” them.

    Virtual Teams - A library of resources for managing and leading teams
    developed and/or operated over the internet/web.

Personal & Professional Development

    Allyn Bacon: Public Speaking Website - Learn about the process of
    public speaking and get help preparing your speeches.

    Resources for Personal Development - The library includes the basic
    resources from which to get started in cultivating personal development.

    Salary Wizard - Are you making what you're worth as a training and
    development professional? This free Salary Wizard calculates compensation for thousands of job titles. National and local survey data gives the average salary based on a job title and location.

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