Practicing Success
To help others with their development, Taylor Training & Development (TT&D) models the process to get there. TT&D practices success. Below are the basic beliefs and principles underlying our practice. This is the framework that guides the actions and decisions of TT&D. Our mission and value statements represent the standards we use to measure all individual and collective actions.

 What We Do - Mission Statement
TT&D is committed to providing organizations and the individuals within organizations with the knowledge, skills and values needed to maximize their potential and actualize their goals. We accomplish this through training and educational programs, organization development consulting, and professional development coaching uniquely created for each client.

 How We Practice Success - Our Value Statements

Commitment to Excellence

  • Perform our services in an objective, competent and exemplary manner.
  • Conduct our business by abiding the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Exchange information in a clear, careful, and respectful manner.

Commitment to Client Growth & Well-Being

  • Understand and restate clients' needs.
  • Meet the needs and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Actively engage clients in the process; they are the experts.
  • Build relationships of trust, growth and independence; the best clients are those who have outgrown us.

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