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 A good coach will make his players
see what they can be rather than what they are.

Professional Development Coaching
Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • get professional advice on an upcoming meeting?
  • have an experienced facilitator observe your facilitation and give you specific feedback on your technique?
  • supervise a department that performed cooperatively, quickly and rationally to achieve exemplary results?
  • have a job you found challenging and exciting?
  • identify the best career decisions for you?

Coaching is a learning process used to improve individual performance. People work one-on-one with a coach to improve their personal and professional lives.

Knowledge alone however, does not improve performance. A combination of practice, feedback and application is what realizes a successful change for the better. Through this combination, Taylor Training & Development concentrates on improving the professional lives of the "players" they coach. Our coaching practice is directed to three specialty areas: career development, management and leadership, and facilitation.

"Players" improve self-assessment, decision making and goal-setting skills. You are able to focus more quickly to bring about positive results. We supply the tools, support and structure to help you achieve what you desire.

Career Development Coaching
"Players" learn more about themselves to focus their unique gifts into a career they find challenging and exciting; a life they can feel passionate about. Once "players" uncover their own potential, they set specific goals, evaluate potential obstacles, make carefully planned decisions, and then formulate a strategy to achieve those goals.

Career development is a dynamic process. Throughout our lives our career focus, goals and desires will change. Our coaches know this and incorporate this knowledge into our methodology. For the duration of the coaching relationship, "players" are not only learning more about themselves, they are learning techniques to apply when they are ready to re-evaluate their career path, when the are making a transition into retirement or if they ever find themselves downsized.

Management & Leadership Coaching
Managers and supervisors, especially new ones, struggle with the human factor of their positions in addition to dealing with deadlines and tricky decisions. Management and leadership "players" learn how to adapt their impact and influence on the work environment of their department or team to the benefit of the organization. With their success comes the satisfaction of great personal victory.

"Players" work on increasing their skills in defining concrete goals, providing structured feedback, and managing conflicts skillfully. After working with our coaches, "players" are able to interact more productively within the organization.

Facilitation Coaching
Despite one's first thought that great facilitation is "common sense," it is not. The "common sense" that goes into a well facilitated event is not very common at all. It takes careful thought and skilled questioning to arrive at the answers and decisions that translate into great facilitating.

"Players" discover and apply specific strategies for facilitating meetings and training events. Our coaches will even observe your facilitation technique and provide you with detailed feedback. We design a unique process to help you refine your facilitation skills, boost your confidence and ultimately improve the outcomes for your organization.

How Coaching Works
Coaches are hired by individuals looking to change their circumstances or control the direction of their future. Organizations also tap into the benefits of coaching. By investing in the individual performance of their staff they strengthen the potential and effectiveness of the organization as a whole.

Regardless of who pays the bill, the focus is always on the goals and needs of the "players." The "player" is our only client.

Coaching relationships are usually contracted for three to six month intervals. Sessions last from 30-45 minutes and are conducted every one to two weeks, over-the-phone or through e-mail.

Each coaching relationship is unique. To establish your personal coaching relationship, contact us today. Check out our resource library for links, information, and tools you can start using today to help you define and reach your goals tomorrow!

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