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Thank you for visiting the Resources Library of the Taylor Training & Development (TT&D) website. We are committed to being the source for your professional development needs. We can assist with individual skill enhancement, team improvement, and performance consulting strategies. We offer a variety of tools and techniques to increase your learning and refine your skills.

Browse through our library. It is full of useful information designed to make you more effective and successful. We update our Resources section periodically. If you do not see what you need, please contact us by e-mail so that we may assist you in locating the appropriate resources. At TT&D we look forward to serving your professional development needs.

Tools for Success in the Non-profit Sector
Tools - Tired of knowing how to do something but not having the tools to start? Looking for a job aid to help you apply what you have learned? At TT&D we use a broad range of tools and techniques for our own use and to meet the needs of our clients. The job aids, checklists, and guides in this section represent the collection produced as a result of our extensive experience.

Links - Don't have time to weed through the 527,000 results for training and development resources on Google? Looking for facts and not a commercial? Our Resource Links for Non-profit Management, Leadership, Training & Development page contains a list with short descriptions of professional organizations, and information portals beneficial to the novice and seasoned practitioner alike. While the sites themselves are not commercial, they may have featured sponsors and other advertising on them.

Publications - Looking for reference material for that upcoming training? Need a bibliography to include in the handouts for your meeting? The Publications Library for Non-profit Management, Leadership and Training & Development consists of links to helpful articles on management, leadership and professional development. In addition to the links, you will also find a list, with short descriptions, of books on the topics of training and development that the consultants of TT&D have found valuable.

Message Boards - Have a question about a training and development (T&D)? Have some great information you are just dying to pass on? We invite you to participate in the moderated message boards of our Non-Profit Learning Community to get advice and share strategies with other practitioners. Post a new message to ask a question or announce T&D related events.

For a one-on-one, personalized response to your questions about non-profit management, training and development, try the Astute Answers to Quick Questions section of our site.

Current Events
Current events relevant to the non-profit sector and/or the training and development community are listed on the calendar in our Non-Profit Learning Community. Upcoming public workshops and events can be found in the announcements section of our Non-Profit Learning Community. We invite you to register and post your events regularly.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

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