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Articles for Trainers, Managers and Supervisors in the Non-Profit Sector

The Articles section of the Taylor Training & Development (TT&D) Resource Library contains links to printable versions of TT&D copyrighted articles and white papers on communications, leadership, management, presentation skills, and interpersonal effectiveness.

This collection of resources is a combination of both research and field experience meeting the needs of our clients. TT&D is pleased to provide this information to you as a resource, for your own use, free of charge on this website. We ask that you review our reprint policy before reproducing them. For permission, call us at 215-844-1715, or e-mail us at

We are constantly updating this section so be sure to check back frequently to get the latest information. We invite you to join our mailing list to receive our quarterly resource for non-profit leaders, and notification of updates and additions to this Articles Library.


White Papers
A white paper is a document that makes a case a specific position or solution to a problem. You can use the papers below to help you make a decision about interventions to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

    Training & Education
    Cultivating the Adult Learner: Professional Development for Non-Educators & Subject Matter Experts (coming Winter 2003)
    Painless Contracting for Prevention Educators and Trainers (coming Winter 2003)

    Organization Development & Leadership
    Improving Cooperation & Productivity among Groups (coming Fall 2003)

    Personal & Professional Development
    A Case for Coaching (coming Winter 2003)

Reprint Policy

General Policy
In general, content on any website may be reproduced in print or electronically, free of charge and without prior permission, providing that it is credited properly (see below). The only exception to this policy is previously published material to which we do not hold copyright; in all cases this content will be clearly marked on our website with the name of the copyright holder and a statement that we have reprinted it with permission.

Crediting Reprinted Content
We appreciate proper crediting of material reprinted from our sites in the form stated below. In addition to stating that the material is reprinted with permission from Taylor Training & Development, please reference the original URL of the document when possible, or at least our home URL (

Reprinted by permission from Taylor Training & Development. Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

Reprinted articles must acknowledge the author (if other than Taylor Training & Development) as well as Taylor Training & Development. To acknowledge Taylor Training & Development writers, use the "About the Author" paragraph included at the end of the original article.

If that section is not included with the article, please use the following format to recognize authorship:

    This article by [author name and contact information] has been reproduced
    with the permission of Taylor Training & Development,,
    e-mail:, voice +1-215-844-1715, fax +1-215-844-1934

Notifying Us
Although prior reprint permission is not required, we like to know what content is most valuable to our readers. Therefore, we appreciate being notified by e-mail when TT&D material is being reproduced. This information helps guide our priorities for future content and services. Write to

Further questions about our reprint policy, or communications regarding circumstances not described above, may be directed to:

Taylor Training & Development
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Cheltenham, PA 19012
215-663-1296 voice
215-663-1297 fax

Resource Scope and Selection Policy

We are always looking for articles with solid, proven how-to information, as well as those with innovative, leading edge thinking. Articles submitted to this section of the Resource Library should address issues of importance to both the leadership and the front-line staff of non-profit organizations. More specifically, they should point out ways to improve performance, increase productivity, and/or motivate a workforce to meet current challenges.

It must relate to one of the following categories:

  • Training & Education
  • Organization Development
  • Management/Leadership Development
  • Board Governance
  • Personal Development
  • Facilitation

If you have an article in mind, contact our editors by e-mail or by phone to get started. We look forward to working with you and value your contributions to the Taylor Training & Development learning community.

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